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Lubrication oil flow monitoring in pulp and paper industry

Proper bearing and gear lubrication is essential for reliable operation of all machinery. The main purpose of oil circulation lubrication is to lubricate and reduce friction, transfer heat and contaminant and to protect the target from corrosion.

40-60 % of bearing failures are caused by insufficient lubrication and lubricant contamination.


With SR series oval gear flow meters for oil
• Local and remote flow and alarm indication
• Viscosity and temperature independent, always accurate measurement
• High contamination tolerance
• By-pass valve for service on the run
• Fail-safe pulse sensor
• Low pressure drop
• Secured lubrication in all situations, even if gears jam
• Multiple flow alarms and relays
• Flow trend and alarm history

With VExA variable area flow meters
• Reliable continuous flow measurement with optional low flow alarms
• Flow meters are designed to meet customers operating flow rates at operating viscosity
• No electricity needed
• High contamination tolerance


Our solution is highly suitable for

  • Paper, board and tissue machine manufacturers
  • Paper, board and tissue mills
  • Oil circulation unit supplier
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