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Flow Meter Selector Tool

You can use this tool to sort out the best suitable flow meter model(s) according to your specific process requirements.

0,1 - 1 NL/min
1 - 10 NL/min
10 - 100 NL/min
100 - 1000 NL/min
1000 - 15 000 NL/min
Kytola supplies flow meters for various different liquids used in industrial applications. Fluid parameters that affects to the flow meter selection are for example the density, the viscosity and the chemical compatibility. Please contact Kytola for a further support regarding your specific process fluid.
NL/min air at +20°C, 101,3 kPa

Air flow rate

Products found:

VA Smart variable area flow meters with mA output

Variable area flow meters

Plastic tube variable area flow meters

Multi-tube variable area flow meter blocks

Metal tube variable area flow meters

SLM seal water flow meters

SLM seal water flow meters

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