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Variable area
flow meter
model TLA
for large oil flows

Flow range, oil at 150 cSt:
min 0.5 – 32 L/min
max 12 – 170 L/min

Flow range, oil at 220 cSt:
min 0.2 – 27 L/min
max 10 – 130 L/min

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Download datasheet Model TLA (447.92 KB pdf)

Variable area oil flow meter, model TLA

Variable area oil flow meter, model TLA

With more than 75 years in flow meter design and manufacturing, Kytola Instruments knows how to make highly precise and accurate flow meters. The reliable operation of the TLA variable area flow meters rely on our long-term experience and in-depth expertise in flow measurement equipment.

Kytola’s industrial variable area flow meters are made to last and to make flow measurement easy for the user. The design enhances high performance in demanding applications with low operational costs. Like all Kytola industrial flow meters, the oil lubrication flow meter TLA is simple to install and it requires minimal maintenance. TLA has an exceptionally visual and readable design. Thanks to its versatility and several options to choose from, the TLA flow meter is easy to implement to a variety of uses.

Simplified the basic operational principle of a TLA variable area flow meter is the following: oil flow raises the float in the tapered tube of the flow meter. This increases the area for passage of the oil. The free area is related to the flow rate, oil viscosity and the weight of the float. In other words: the greater the flow, the higher the float is raised.

Check here how to read the flow from your Kytola variable area flow meter.

The TLA flow meter has a sturdy construction which makes it an ideal choice for tough industrial environments. It has a heavy-duty impact resistant polymer flow tube and aluminum connectors.

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