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How do I order Kytola products?

Our products are delivered worldwide through our subsidiaries and sales offices and our comprehensive distributor network. You’ll find the contact information to your nearest Kytola contact here.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact our headquarters.

I want to become a distributor. What should I do?

We are open to discuss distributorships in regions where we still do not have a Kytola representative. Contact our global headquarters for more information.

What process details I need to know to be able to order a suitable flow meter from Kytola?

The minimum we need to know is the flowing medium, normal operating / max. flow rate, pressure and temperature.

How do I read the flow rate on a Kytola variable area type flow meter?

Read the flow rate on the scale at the highest and widest point of the float. See detailed instructions for different float types here.

Can I use a Kytola variable area type flow meter to measure a different medium or at different operating conditions than what the flow meter name plate indicates?

A variable area type flow meter shows correct readings only when the operating conditions equal the meter design values which are marked on the scale.
For other operating conditions a conversion factor is required. For gas flow conversions please see further information here.

For other media conversions, please contact Kytola for further instructions.

In what kind of an application can I use a standard Kytola variable area flow meter for air?

Standard Kytola models for air are designed for normal air pressure and +20°C temperature.

They are suitable for example for an air purging application where the flow meter outlet is to a free air pressure and the temperature is normal room temperature.

We can offer customer-specific tailor-made scales for other operating conditions. Please contact Kytola for further information.

Are the variable area type flow meter scales available for different flow units?

Yes, we can modify the scale for any standard flow unit. Please specify the required flow unit when inquiring our products.

Can I install a Kytola variable area type flow meter to a horizontal pipe?

Variable area type flow meter needs to be always installed vertically and the flow direction is from the bottom to the top.

See these pictures for different installation possibilities here.

Do I need to send a Kytola flow meter for calibration regularly?

No, in case the flow meter is used under conditions that it is designed for, it does not require a regular calibration.

Can I buy spare parts for Kytola products?

Yes, spare parts are available for all Kytola products. You’ll find our contact information here.

When ordering spare parts it is very important to have and inform us about the complete product model code the spare part is for.

Do Kytola flow meters require any regular maintenance?

The only maintenance needed under normal conditions is cleaning.

Clean the outside surfaces of the meter using soap water and a soft brush or a cloth.

CAUTION: Do not use solvents or alcohol-based detergents as they may damage the flow meter parts.

Replace damaged parts without a delay.

I have a Kytola flow meter. How do I know what the model code is?

The model code is clearly marked on all Kytola products.
On Kytola flow meters the model code is on a scale plate, on a flow meter body or on a name plate.

In some rare cases the model code may be lost due to for example missing parts.

Please email us detailed pictures and other possible information such as process details to help us identify the specific product.

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