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Variable area flow meter model D

Flow range H2O, 20°C:
min 7.5 – 40 L/min
max 10 – 100 L/min

Flow range air, 1.013 bar(a), 20°C:
min 200 – 1100 NL/min
max 500 – 2500 NL/min

Scales for alternative liquids and gases (option)

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Kytola plastic tube variable area flow meter model D

Kytola plastic tube variable area flow meter model D

The acrylic variable area flow meter D is a very affordable choice for industrial flow measurement and monitoring of liquids and gases. It is highly dependable and accurate.

Kytola’s model D measures and monitors liquid and gas flows in low pressure applications with high precision. The finess of the flow meter lies in the skillfully manufactured components which ensure its accuracy and reliable operation in industrial applications. The body is made in one piece of precision-machined acrylic which prevents leaks as no attachments are required.

Special emphasis has been put into its user friendliness. The flow rate is easily read at a glance as the scales are clear. The flow meter unit is rapid to assemble and disassemble whenever maintenance is needed.

This variable area flow meter is an excellent and affordable choice for non-corrosive liquid and gas flow measurement.

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