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flow meter
model ML

Flow range H2O, 20°C:
min 100 – 1000 L/h
max 6 000 – 60 000 L/h


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Kytola industrial metal tube variable area flow meter model ML for medium-sized and large flows

Kytola industrial metal tube variable area flow meter model ML for medium-sized and large flows

The metal tube variable area flow meters incorporate the best features of the variable area flow measurement principle and the durability of metal-tube flow meters. Kytola’s model ML is ideal for applications with high pressure, extreme temperatures and medium-sized or large flows. The model ML is ATEX compliant and it has been proved safe to use in specific environments with explosive atmospheres, according to the zones it is certified to be used in.

Kytola’s metal tube flow meters are delivered worldwide to the most demanding operational circumstances. The model ML suitable for hazardous environments and it can be used for measuring aggressive media flows.

Simplified the basic operational principle of a ML metal tube variable area flow meter is the following: media flow raises the float in the tapered tube of the flow meter. This increases the area for passage of the flowing media. The free area is related to the flow rate and the weight of the float. In other words: the greater the flow, the higher the float is raised.

Variable area flow meters are considered highly dependable and accurate. The measuring principle may appear simple but quality is measured in precision and accuracy that can only be achived with expertise. Kytola Instruments has designed and manufactured world class flow meters for more than 75 years. Long-term partnerships with industrial key companies worldwide speak for themselves, Kytola Instruments’ products are trusted and they live up to the expectations.

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