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OILCOL oil color analyzer for oil quality monitoring

OILCOL oil color analyzer for oil quality monitoring

The OILCOL Oil Color Analyzer is an online instrument based on visible light absorbance (transmittance) to indicate the ASTM D1500 color value of oil.

As the measurement is performed online, the response is continuous and fast, which can be crucial in order to detect sudden changes in oil quality and further to be able to react before any failures in the process equipment occur. Timeconsuming and expensive sampling and laboratory analyses are also avoided.

Changes in oil color indicate quality deviations. The importance of oil color measurement is undistiputable.

Many factors, affecting the quality of oil, such as degree of refining, oxidization, particles, ageing, etc. also have a direct impact on the color of oil. Generally speaking, oil darkens as it ages due to changes in the state of these (among other) factors.

Measuring the color of oil provides a good general picture of possible quality variation or oil ageing. Although color on its own may not necessarily always indicate anything absolute about oil quality or its functional properties, the change in the color is at least a clear indication that some property has changed. Thus, this can serve as an advance warning of, for example, early damage in a lubrication system, an approaching need for an oil change, or that something has changed in the refining process.

A color change that exceeds (for example, empirically) set limits, makes it possible to take proactive measures and, if necessary, perform a more detailed analysis of the oil in use or processed.

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