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Steardy industrial flow meters for oil, water and gases

Kytola Instruments‘ V series of variable area flow meters reaches beyond ordinary versatility.

Watch video Download datasheet Model VD, VE, VL (586,41 kB pdf)

Made to adapt

The Kytola V series flow meters are adaptable to most flowing media such as oil, water and different gases.

These flow meters are made to withstand harsh industrial conditions. Robust design combined with a wide selection of options to best adapt to customer-specific operating conditions cater for an optimal user experience. Select media and flow range, complete with options to your choice: end blocks, valves, connections, flanges, alarm sensors etc.

The Kytola V series flow meters are highly valued equipment in measuring and monitoring liquid and gas flows in most industrial sectors worldwide.

Typical ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons

  • sealing and cooling water
  • lubrication oil and gas flow measurement
  • flush water measurement

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