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Welcome to new digital homebase of Kytola Instruments

Kytola Instruments is evolving with needs of a changing world and our customers, and so does our websites. Our new updated websites provides you more information and data from our products and solutions so it would be as easy as possible to find right one for your needs.

All you need to find the right solution for you

From our product categories you can find everything from applications to features and technical data, from each product. You can also easily ask more information about product you’re interested in through our contact form.

We have also gathered all our data, product brochures etc. needed by customers and resellers to our Kytola database. Our main goal was to create digital homebase that combines everything needed in one digital location by not forgetting easiness and usability.

You can find our new websites in English, Finnish, German and Swedish. Our English websites are provided in three different versions, so you can find the data with right measurement units just for your needs.

Evolving is in our soul and it’s been one of our main competences in the industry. We’ve been developing and innovating for over 100 years, and we will keep on going from now on! Our new websites sums up our future-oriented mindset and ambition to provide the best customer service we can.

Our new websites are made by Aava&Bang.


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