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Flow meters

Kytola’s flow meters cover a broad array of industrial flow meters for a variety of media. Our flow meters are made to cover most industrial flow measurement needs. Our specialists are happy to help you select the most suitable models for your specific needs from plastic tube, metal tube, multi-tube or oval gear flow meters. We cater for small flows as well as large flows, also with customized flow ranges and scales.

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Oil flow lubrication

Industrial oil flow lubrication is vital to secure trouble-free operation of process equipment. Kytola Instruments covers oil flow lubrication needs with a comprehensive product line of variablea area and oval gear flow meters, measuring stations, local displays, oil quality analyzers and adherent software. Reliable, suffiecient and on-time lubrication keeps your processes intact and supports preventive maintenance to avoid costly equipment failures and unscheduled downtime.

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Seal water control

The genuine Kytola SLM seal water flow meters are renown for being top notch seal water flow meters. They are compatible with all seal types. Huge savings in both energy and water consumption improve your sustainability. Kytola seal water flow meters are long-lasting, they have a durable construction and they are undisputably accurate.

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Constant flow regulators

Kytola’s constant flow regulators product range is impeccable for low liquid or gas flows in applications where supply or backpressure varies. The industrial constant flow regulators have a sturdy, stainless steel construction. Their operational reliability is top notch.

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Differential pressure meters

Kytola’s differential pressure meters are manometer type devices used for reliable monitoring and accurate measurement of low pressure and differential pressure in applications where clear visual indication is required. Kytola Instruments offer two different models of differential pressure meters, one which is a inclined tube manometer and another which is a well type manometer.

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Check valves

Kytola Instruments produces several models of robust spring-loaded check valves. They are made of stainless steel. The construction allows free flow of a medium in one direction but closes itself immediately after the flow ceases or changes direction. Preventing reverse flow protects any measuring or regulating equipment from process media.

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Air sampling devices

Kytola’s air sampling devices are equipped with the highly accurate Kytola variable area flow meters that have a flow adjustment valve. The sampling is made easy and precise for reliable laboratory analyses. All our devices are delivered calibrated and ready to use.

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