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Seal water flow meter model SLMx2

Flow rate:
min 0.05 – 1 L/min
max 0.5 – 8 L/min

Adjustable alarm range:
min 0.1 – 0.55 L/min
max 1 – 5 L/min

Typical applications:
single and double mechanical seals
gland packings
flush water
other flow measurement

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Watch video Download datasheet Model SLMx2 (997.25 KB pdf)

The dual tube seal water flow meter, Kytola SLMx-2 is ideal for applications that use double mechanical seals.

The dual tube seal water flow meter, Kytola SLMx-2 is ideal for applications that use double mechanical seals.

Kytola SLMx-2 is a dual seal water flow meter taht helps you save up to 75% water. It reduces energy consumption and costs remarkably.

The Kytola SLMx2 dual seal water flow meter safeguards your seals with suffiencient liquid flow. The SLM can be cleaned and serviced on the run without interfering with your process.

Most pumps, agitators, refiners, screens etc. with shaft seals require an uninterrupted sealing water flow to ensure proper function of the seal.

The purpose of seal water is to cool the seal, lubricate the seal and to prevent the process media from entering the seal chamber. Also the seal condition can be determined by proper monitoring of the seal water flow and pressure.

Saving money and natural resources is vital in industrial applications. Kytola has a proven track record of combining optimized savings with top quality and reliability in their products. The SLM seal water flow meter is a synonym for strong performance and uttermost dependability.

Adequate cooling and lubrication are essential for any kind of seal. However, uncontrolled flow may multiply the necessary water and energy consumption. It is easy to create huge savings in costs by reducing excess water flow with accurate and proper adjustment of seal water flow and
pressure. The Kytola SLM Seal Water Flow Meter is especially designed for applications on pumps and mechanical seals in processes and applications where uninterrupted seal water flow is required.

The strong and compact design ensures maximum resistance to external impact. The SLM-x2 comes with a clog resistant flow control valve and it has been optimized to withstand contaminated water. The flow meter has a built-in cleaner, which can be used on the run. This is yet another valued feature of the SLM as it enables cleaning without ceasing the equipment nor interfering with operation.

The realiable and precise flow measurement of an SLM seal water flow meter is based on a variable area metering principle using a free-floating float.

Kytola SLMx-2 is avaiable in many models and with a variety of options that enables us to best accommodate customer-specific needs. We have paid special attention to ensure that our seal water flow meter is compatible with all seal types. It is a universal and safe choice to whichever seal type your equipment requires.

The SLMx-2 seal water flow meter is easily complemented with an alarm output by installing an inductive proximity sensor.


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