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Oil flow measurement can be both easy and reliable

Oil flow measurement plays a vital part in process industry runnability. As commonly known, bearing failures can be very costly. They may cause extensive equipment failures and thus unnecessarily delay production which all ends up in unexpected costs.

Download datasheet Model VExA (783,72 kB pdf)

Features that matters

When selecting suitable flow meters, here’s is few very important features from user’s perspective that matters:

  1. Operational reliability
  2. Fast and easy commencing
  3. Low flow alarms in all situations
  4. Customized scales and flow rates for individual needs

At Kytola Instruments we tick all these boxes and many more. Let me explain how this is done with for example our oil flow meter model VExA which is a multi-tube model.

  • Operational reliability means to us that there is guaranteed flow to the bearings. The flow meters have big clearance between the float and the flow tube. This prevents sticking of the float.
  • Fast and easy commencing plays an important role in saving both time and money. The VExA is ready for use after delivery. No complicated adjustments are needed on site. This plug-and-play principle is highly valued by our customers as it also minimizes the risk of installation errors. The flow rate is easy to read thanks to the clear scales and high quality sight glass that is made to last harsh industrial conditions.
  • Low flow alarms in all situations. Disconnecting the alarms during start-up is a huge risk because you will not get any alarm if some of the valves have been accidentally left closed or tubes are clogged after maintenance.

Most bearing damages are believed to initiate during warm-up of the machine after a shutdown and when operating at crawl speed.

  • Customized scales and flow rates for individual needs. The VExA is a flow meter block with up to 7 flow tubes. The heavy-duty impact resistant polymer flow tubes withstand harsh industrial conditions in abrasive environments without compromising precision and reliability.

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