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Secured flow measurement at all times

Kytola’s variable area flow meters are also availble with the VA Smart mA transmitter. These are ideal for applications and environments that benefit from both visual reading on site and monitoring in an automation system or control room.

The VA Smart flow meters offer secured flow measurement at all times.
What makes VA Smart flow meters a superior choice?

  • Double verification of flow rate: visual reading and a 4-20 mA signal to control room. See what you get, in other words.
  • No sensors in contact with the fluid. Always reliable measurement.
  • Dependable and precise flow meters
  • Withstands demanding industrial environments
  • Easy upgrade of existing Kytola flow meters without need of piping changes
  • We commit to personal service
  • Each contact is handled in person by our specialists
  • We take pride in our products that have proven to be easy to use, highly performing, reliable in operation and extremely durable in the harsh industrial conditions.

We manufacture the flow meters with customized scales for real operating conditions.

Let’s make your flow Kytola Smart!


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