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Durchfluss­messer K Smart mit mA-Ausgang, Modell KLxS

Messbereich H2O, 20°C:
min 7.5 – 40 L/min
max 10 -120 L/min

Messbereich Luft, 1.013 bar(a), 20°C:
min 200 – 1200 NL/min
max 400 – 3000 NL/min

Skalen für andere Flüssigkeiten und Gase (Option)

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Datenblatt her­un­ter­la­den – Model K Smart (593,34 kB pdf)

Industrieller Schwebekörper-Durchflussmesser K Smart mit mA-Ausgang, Modell KLxS

Industrieller Schwebekörper-Durchflussmesser K Smart mit mA-Ausgang, Modell KLxS

The variable area flow meter K Smart represents a new generation of flow meters for industrial flow measurement and monitoring of liquid and gas flows. The Kytola VA Smart mA transmitter enables both local flow rate indication and an mA output signal to customer’s control room or automation system for remote flow rate monitoring.

Kytola flow meters are known for their solid and dependable operation. The K Smart incorporates all valued features of Kytola flow meters. In addition it is equipped with a 4-20 mA output that makes it even more desirable for applications where precise liquid and gas flow measurement and monitoring are required. The mA transmitter is highly visual indicating high, set and low flows with a LED colour panel. If needed, an inductive flow alarm sensor can easily be attached to the K Smart.

The finess of the flow meter lies in the skillfully manufactured components which ensure its accuracy and reliable operation in industrial applications. The flow meter has a heavy-duty impact resistant polymer flow tube. The model K Smart variable area flow meter with mA output offers a multitude of options to best accommodate various application requirements.

Special emphasis has been put into user friendliness. The flow rate and alarm indications are easily read at a glance as the scales  and LEDs are clear. The flow meter unit is rapid to assemble and disassemble whenever maintenance is needed.

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