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SIMPLICITY – A surprising answer to paper and pulp success

While the world is adjusting to the new normal during these uncharted times, there are things that remain rather unchanged. Many essential operations in paper and pulp industry are necessary to keep the world spinning. Mills need to run and meet the growing industry demands and people do not have time to learn and study new, complex systems.

Is there any way to simplify the processes?

Kytola OVAL D2 is a smart device built to independently get the job done. It is designed to monitor oil flow rates measured by Model SR oval gear meters in circulation lubrication systems.

Why is an OVAL D2 panel so successful in the pulp and paper industry?

The answer is SIMPLICITY.

The main strength of this panel is being able to fulfill all your requirements and yet being still so easy to use. Within minutes, the operator can read and adjust the flows going to each individual lubrication point.

Kytola Instruments is known for its long-term experience of designing and manufacturing custom-made flow measuring and monitoring instruments for most industrial branches. Kytola products are precision manufactured to the highest quality standards using state-of-the-art materials and testing systems. The endurance of the products in very harsh industrial environments is unparalleled. But most importantly, operational facility is beneficial in various ways. Operators love the easiness to check the actual flows, adjust it locally, see if there is a “high”, “low” or “low low” flow alarm.

The flow meters have a by-pass valve which allows cleaning or service of the flow meters during production. No need to shut down the machine.

This combination of oval gear meters together with the OVALD2 has proven that the payback time is very short.

Another aspect is that when you regulate the flow very accurately. The lifetime of the bearing lasts significantly longer.

The OVAL D2 measuring station can operate as an independent station, connected to Kytola® KVM Control monitoring software or to customer’s DCS or PLC via Modbus RTU (RS-485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet).

In addition to OVAL D2, Kytola has an option for a small panel

The KLD Smart (up to 8 points) The Kytola KLD Smart local display unit is designed to monitor, and display flow rates and flow alarms measured by Kytola Oval gear meters or other flow meters with pulse outputs.
As name has it, Kytola KLD Smart incorporates latest monitoring technology combined with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Flow rates and alarms are very visual, and settings are fast and easy to manage. The device has a robust painted or stainless steel housing and it is protected by IP class 65.

Kytola Instruments provides a solution for your lubrication needs.

Whether it is 1 point or 1500 points, we are here to help you get it done. Kytola Instruments is committed to provide the highest quality flow metering and monitoring solutions.

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