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Why choose Kytola Instruments oil lubrication system?

Proper oil lubrication system is vital part of preventing losses and machine stops in the process. Our products measures oil flow and alarms if necessary.

Prevent financial losses

When I am asked to tell the benefits of the Kytola oil lubrication system, I always start with a question: “Have you had a bearing failure within a year?” If the response is affirmative, I know that eventually the financial losses for the mill are inevitable for the following reasons:

• The machine must stop
• The bearing must be replaced
• In the worst case, a complete roller must be switched out
• Chance for fires are there due to extreme heat in the bearing house

Why to choose us?

There are many possibilities to lubricate your bearings but what is the key factor why customers choose Kytola products?

If the lubrication oil to the bearing is controlled, there is a much lower chance of a bearing failure.

There are many lubrication systems on the market, but Kytola Instruments products take a step further. Kytola products not only measure the oil flow going to the bearing, we also alarm it in 3 ways to make sure that if something goes wrong, you can take action while the machine is still running.

The Kytola oil lubrication system is based on positive displacement meters (oval gear meters) that measure a calibrated portion of the oil going to the bearing. If the meters slow down for a reason, the Kytola electronics will alarm it as a “low flow” signal. If the turning gears stop, it will alarm as a “low low flow” signal. By turning the bypass valve 90 degrees, you are redirecting the oil flow going to the bearing and you can investigate the meter while the lubrication is still at place. You can take off the cover, take out the gears and clean them.

There is also a “high flow” alarm. This alarm protects the bearing from not getting any oil while you think everything is OK.

Example: During a shutdown, maintenance is working on a bearing. Once finished they forget to hook up the lubrication point. Because there is no resistance from the bearing house, the flow will be much higher than normal, and the alarm will show.

Because the oval gear system from Kytola is so accurate, and the repeatability is fantastic, you can regulate the oil flow to the bearing at 0.1 pints/min. By cooling the bearing to the best temperature, the lifetime of the bearing will be much longer.

Kytola Instruments have many options for a single bearing systems to complete machines with several hundreds of bearings. Our skilled staff is ready to help and find the solution for your needs.

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