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Sealing water flow monitoring and controlling

Most pumps, agitators, pressure screens and refiners, etc. with rotating shaft seals require an uninterrupted sealing water flow to ensure proper function of the seal.

The purpose of sealing water is to cool and lubricate the seal and to prevent the process media from entering the seal chamber.

Also the seal condition can be determined by proper monitoring of the sealing water flow and pressure.


  • Save up to 75 % in water usage and energy costs
  • Typical payback time in less than three months
  • Compatibility with all seal types. Packings, single and double mechanical seals
  • Optimized construction for contaminated sealing water
  • Built-in cleaner
  • Excellent temperature and corrosion resistance
  • Alarm readiness

Our solutions fits for

  • Pump, agitator, pressure screen and refiner manufacturers
  • Mechanical seal manufacturers
  • Pulp & paper consulting and engineering companies
  • Car industry paint booth consulting, engineering and supplying companies
  • End customers in different process industries
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