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KLD Smart touchscreen display for oil lubrication flow monitoring

KLD Smart touchscreen display for oil lubrication flow monitoring

Kytola KLD Smart local display monitors and displays flow rates and flow alarms. A local display unit adds up to the comprehensive oil flow monitoring product offering. The touchscreen interface is easy, simple and fast to use.

The Kytola KLD Smart incorporates latest monitoring technology with an intuitive and easy-to use touchscreen interface. KLD Smart is compatible with Kytola positive displacement oval gear flow meters and other flow meters with pulse output. The device can be used as a stand-alone or it can be connected to Kytola monitoring software. It is also possible to connect KLD Smart to a third-party system.

Kytola’s KLD Smart stands out from the crowd as especially user-friendly. It is very visual. Alarms and flow rates are visible at a glance. Any deviations such as low or high flow alarms are indicated with colours. The current flow rates are always displayed on the main screen in real time. KLD Smart is a cost-efficient and long-term solution for a variety of industrial applications such as

The KLD display is available as single channel model or a multi-channel version with up to 8 flow measuring points. Each monitored flow unit has its own screen. Browsing is easy using the arrow buttons on the touchscreen.

The device has been designed for industrial environments. KLD Smart endures harsh conditions without compromising realible operation and usability. We value versatility. With this in mind, the KLD Smart is designed to adapt to most industrial customer needs and oil flow measurement applications regardless of size or location.

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