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Flow meter design is art

A quality flow meter is made of impeccable design, optimized material selections, skilled manufacturing and in-built precision.
Kytola’s flow meters are purpose-made and thoroughly tested prior to put into production. This makes them a safe choice.

We deliver pure quality because only the best is good enough according to our standards. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Our team takes pride in always aiming for the best solutions whatever process requirements you may have. We believe in personal service, that’s why there’s always a Kytola specialist to attend your matter.

Trust your flow measurement in our hands. Your flow is our business.

Durable and resistant

Kytola flow meter materials are carefully selected to withstand media and other operational requirements. Kytola flow meters do not let you down.

Our flow meters help you to ensure that the right fluid is in the right place at the right time.

Low lifecost makes Kytola flow meters affordable

Kytola flow meters are easy to install and fit. They have low maintenance requirements and can be serviced on the run. This saves time and money as process equipment do not need to ceased during maintenance. The instrument life cycle lasts for decades.

We understand the process

Our flow measurement specialists help you select optimal flow meters for your specific application needs. We know what questions to ask to guide you through the selection process.

Focus on the measured media

The characteristics of the measured media are vital in selecting flow measurement devices. Key indicators are viscosity, density, pressure and temperature, contaminants and corrosive nature. We offer industrial flow meters for water, oil, air and other liquids and gases.

We do not compromise in accuracy and reliability

Kytola flow meters offer excellent precision. They withstand the operational conditions they are designed for and they last for decades. There’s plenty of Kytola flow meters from the 70’s and 80’s still up and running in factories and mills around the world.

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