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Use 75% less water

Thanks to the Kytola SLM seal water flow meter you can reduce your water usage remarkably. Controlling sealing water with Kytola SLM’s brings water consumption down to 1/4 of the consumption in uncontrolled circumstances.

Save 200 million gallons of water

Each drop of water counts from an environmental point of view but also when it comes to saving money.

Save 1.100 USD per seal

It really pays off using Kytola SLM’s to control the water flow to seals.

Short payback time

The typical payback time for a Kytola SLM seal water flow meter is less than 3 months.

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Application information

The Kytola SLM seal water flow meters are especially designed for applications where uninterrupted seal water flow is required

  • pumps
  • mechanical seals
  • gland packings

Key features of Kytola SLM’s

  • Saves up to 75% water compared to uncontrolled flow
  • Available for both single and double seals
  • Tailor-made for the harshest industrial conditions
  • Easy to maintain: built-in cleaner removes contaminants
  • Maximum resistance to external impact
  • Optimized to withstand contaminated water
  • Accurate flow measurement
  • Clear metering scale for excellent visibility
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