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N2 and O2 gas generators using Kytola variable area flow meters

N2 and O2 generators produce pure N2 or O2 from air. There are two main gas generating technologies: adsorption and membrane technology. Regardless of used gas generating technology, flow meters are used for process control and to measure/ control gas output.

Use of N2 / O2 gas generators is growing all the time and users are replacing conventional gas bottle and gas tower installations with on-site generators.


  • Tailor-made scale and meter design to meet customer’s requirements
  • Quick response to inquiries
  • Fast delivery times, even for specials
  • Close technical co-operation with whole supply chain
  • High quality and long-lasting, durable products
  • Understanding the potential with OEM customers, succeeding will create long-term customer relationships

Our solutions fits for

  • Gas generator manufacturers (technologies are open so there is a large number of manufacturers globally)
  • End users which operate with gas generators
  • Installation companies who make gas line installations on sites. Note: introduce especially E and ExK models for those purposes
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