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ASTM D 1500 colour measurement of phosphate ester fluids

The Kytola OILCOL on line oil colour analyzer is a cost-effective solution for continuous monitoring of ASTM D 1500 oil colour value avoiding costly laboratory analyzes.

It enables fast reaction should any sudden oil colour changes occur preventing costly damages and unschedululed down time.

Monitor, prevent, save

Monitor, prevent, save

In steam and gas turbine lubrication and hydraulic systems phosphate ester fluids (PEF) are widely used due to their fire-resistance and temperature stability. The PEFs are costly but on the other hand they can remain in use for more than a decade if the fluid condition is duly monitored and maintained.

An efficient oil/fluid condition monitoring method is to monitor the fluid color to determine the need for purification of the fluid. The oil/fluid color darkens in use due to oxidation, particles and excess water content in the fluid.  It is also crucial to catch sudden changes in the oil/fluid color to have the ability to react to the changes on time to avoid costly damages and down time.

The Kytola OILCOL on-line oil color analyzer is a cost effective solution for continuous monitoring of the oil color trend and it gives the ability to fast reaction should any abnormal oil color changes occur.


  • OILCOL is a moderately priced online analyzer
  • No need for time-consuming and expensive laboratory tests
  • Immediate information on changes in oil enables fast action
  • Possibility to monitor trends/history using the KVM software

Our solution is highly suitable for

  • Manufacturers of oil purifiers and filtering systems
  • Companies with oil and fluid purifying services for hydraulic systems, turbines, compressors and transformers
  • End users in power generation industry (power plants), Pulp & Paper, Fuel & Chemical industries
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