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Kytola flow meters for Aquaculture

Proper and healthy growing environment in aquaculture is secured by taking care of oxygen levels and water quality, both in closed systems as in open systems.

Healthy and sustainable aquaculture

More than 50% of the fish and shellfish for human consumption and around 100 species are farmed in aquaculture today. The production is growing rapidly.

Kytola flow meters are used to optimize and secure the oxygen level in closed system breeding tanks and basins and in transportation tanks. Purging oxygen into the tanks keeps the fish alive and by controlling the oxygen level the fish growth and feed efficiency are optimized. The water quality is also improved by the oxidation of the feed traces.

In open system aquaculture farms Kytola flow meters are used in the net pen and cage aeration systems. Aeration improves the oxygen level especially during hot periods and mixing the water improves the water quality and prevents algae formation and harmful fish diseases.


  • Kytola flow meters meet aquaculture equipment standards
  • Reliable and customized flow meters
  • Multi-tube meters
  • Oxygen cleaned meters on request (Ready for safe O2 use)

Our solutions are excellent for

  • Fish and shellfish farming
  • Hatcheries
  • Breed tank manufacturers
  • Companies providing technology for aquaculture
  • Fish transporting companies
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