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Part 3.

Kytola’s Cost-Effective Solution for Pulp Level Measurement in standpipes

Part 3.

By Martin Valois

In the final part of this blog series, we will explore pulp processing solutions. Traditionally in pulp processing, the quest for an accurate, reliable, and affordable method to measure standpipe levels has long been a challenge. Traditional approaches utilizing flanged DP-level transmitters or radar level measurement systems have proven to be both unstable and economically burdensome. However, Kytola Instruments can offer a solution that is both cost-effective and dependable.

Kytola’s approach involves measuring the standpipe level from a strategically positioned water injection line outside the standpipe. This method addresses the limitations of traditional techniques by introducing a streamlined process that not only ensures accuracy but also minimizes costs. The key to this success lies in the utilization of a constant flow regulator to maintain the water injection flow, coupled with pressure transmitter for monitoring the standpipe level.

The constant flow regulators from Kytola are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. By maintaining a steady and precise water flow rate, these regulators play a crucial role in enhancing the overall stability of the measurement process. This translates into better control over your pulp processing operation, reducing wastage, optimizing water consumption, and ultimately contributing to increased productivity.

One of the standout advantages of Kytola’s solution is its cost-effectiveness. Traditional methods often entail significant expenses related to equipment installation, calibration, and maintenance. In contrast, Kytola’s approach streamlines the entire process, offering not only a more stable solution but also a cost-saving alternative. The affordability of the pressure transmitter and the efficiency of the constant flow regulators combine to create a solution that maximizes performance while minimizing financial outlay.

Choosing Kytola’s constant flow regulators not only improves process control but also addresses environmental concerns. By optimizing water consumption, this solution contributes to sustainability efforts and aligns with the growing emphasis on responsible manufacturing practices.

In conclusion, Kytola’s standpipe level measurement solution represents a sustainable paradigm in the pulp processing industry. By combining cost-effectiveness with reliability, this approach not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional methods but sets a higher standard for efficiency and precision. As industries continue to evolve, Kytola stands at the forefront, offering solutions that keep your processes and business running.

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