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Oval D2 measuring station for oil flow rate measuring in circulation lubrication systems

Oval D2 measuring station for oil flow rate measuring in circulation lubrication systems

State-of-the-art measuring station for industrial oil lubrication flow monitoring, the Kytola Oval D2 measuring station monitors oil flow rates with accuracy and ease.

Kytola Oval D2 is a new generation measuring station for oil lubrication applications in process industry. Oval D2 incorporates durable design with multiple monitoring features. The device operates together with Kytola’s SR series oval gear flow meters in industrial oil lubrication systems.

Kytola Oval D2 operates in real-time 24/7/365 with uppermost precision. The device triggers alarms for no-flow, low and high oil flows. Oval D2 has preset customer-specific flow ranges, and any deviation outside the tolerance provokes an alarm.

The Oval D2 can be used as a stand-alone, independent measuring station. Most commonly the Oval D2 is mounted on a stainless steel panel together with SR Series oval gear flow meters and connected to Kytola’s KVM Control monitoring application or to customer’s DCS or PLC. Panels can be mounted upright or vertical on walls or as stand-alone units on the floor. It is possible to choose a panel with or without a see-through utterly durable polycarbonate door. In addition to their compact size, the panels are also cost-efficient as there’s less need for piping.

Each measuring station supports 16, 32, 48 or even 64 measuring points. The Oval D2 is adaptable to all sizes of industrial applications from a single measuring station installation to mill-wide installations of more than 100 measuring stations and thousands of measuring points. The extensive setups are conveniently managed in one serial line.


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